SnipWell Low Cost Spay Neuter Surgery Services

* To qualify for Low Cost Spay Neuter Surgery, Puppies and Kittens must be at least 2 months old and 2 pounds and Rabbits are required to be 3 months and 3 pounds.*

Please call the office for a spay/neuter appointment. 803-228-4208

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Please Note: South Carolina law requires a current rabies vaccination for all dogs and cats 16 weeks and older. Please bring proof in the form of a certificate (tags are not acceptable forms of proof). Without proof, we are required to administer a rabies at the time of visit for a charge of $13.

Please download the following forms prior to surgery day:

Preop Surgery Form
Postop Surgery Form

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Surgery Pricing
Female Dogs (2-40 lbs) $95.00
Female Dogs (40+ lbs) $125.00
Male Dogs (2-40 lbs) $85.00
Male Dogs (40+ lbs) $105.00
Female Cats* $70.00
Male Cats* $60.00
Community Cats* $30.00
Female Rabbit $175.00
Male Rabbit $150.00
Umbilical Hernia Repair $20.00
Bloodwork (Pre-Operative) $97.00
Capstar $5.00
Vaccines Pricing
Rabies Vaccination (1 Yr) $13.00
Rabies Vaccination (3 Yr) $20.00
DA2PP or FVRCP Vaccination $15.00
DA2LPP (*Includes Leptospirosis) $20.00
Bordetella Vaccination $18.00
FeLV Vaccination $23.00
FeLV PureVax $33.00
Feline PureVax Rabies (1 Yr) $28.00
Microchip $30.00

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Animals in our community benefit greatly from the
generosity of donors for spay/neuter services and regular vet visits.

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